Usage Instructions

BugPellent works by releasing natural essential oil vapors which accumulate under a ceiling to create a repellent barrier in the vicinity of the hanging unit. BugPellent can be used in stalls, barns, run in sheds, and any other enclosed or semi-enclosed structures.

Follow these tips to ensure maximum effectiveness for your BugPellent units:

  • Use a minimum of two BugPellents per structure
  • Use BugPellent in structures where vapor can accumulate
  • Do not combine BugPellent with insect attractant products such as traps, sticky tape, etc.
  • Do not use BugPellent with fans, as the powerful airflow will prevent vapor build up

Usage Instruction:

Use one BugPellent for approximately every 4,000 cubic feet of indoor space, or 1 BugPellent for every 1.5 stalls. For example:

  • 2 BugPellents for 3 stalls
  • 3 BugPellents for 4 stalls

BugPellent will last 4-8 weeks, depending on temperature and airflow. Empty and refill the cylinder when a decrease in odor is observed or flying insect presence increases


  • Hang BugPellent from a beam or other fixture centrally located in the structure, between 7-12 ft high, to allow proper air flow
  • Hang at least 6’ from a door or window and 3’ from a side wall
  • Can be placed in or near a stall
  • For additional coverage place one BugPellent in each entry way