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“During the summer of 2012 my barn was one of the field test sites for the BugPellent product, a safe, innovative solution for reducing flying insects in barns.  I was very pleased and impressed with the performance of the product.   


I used three BugPellents, two in my 30 ft aisle way and one in a stall.  They substantially reduced the fly population in the barn, making it more comfortable for both people and horses. The product performed as represented for reducing flies and also lasted as long, two months, as the manufacturer claimed.  I recommend BugPellent to anyone interested in a green, low cost approach to full barn insect control” P.S. my barn never smelled better” 
Karen Tappenden Co-Publisher, Holistic Horse Magazine And



Customer supplied images of before and after BugPellent installation. 

A new fly strip was installed at the same time as BugPellent. The fly strip was in place for the same amount of time before and after BugPellent and under the same weather conditions. A large decrease in flies and other insects was noted as seen in this photo.

“Experienced an approximate 75% decrease in flies and did not deter birds in nest nearby”                                
Karen, P., PA                


“Very satisfied.  It really has worked on the smaller flies and mosquitoes” 
Wendy, Plainfield, MA                


“Love this product… easy to hang, not overwhelming scent…
can’t see anywhere it needs improvement” 
Heather B., MA


“Made a noticeable difference!”
Keri, New London, NH       


“It was nice to have a safe alternative for fly control”  
DeShane,  M. OK             


“I’ve been really impressed with them… My super-sensitive mare appreciates 
fewer stable flies in her stall”      
Stacey,  Storrs, CT    


 “…My animals want to stand in the corner with the repellent” 
Mary, Schenectady, NY


  “…No flies, not one…the horses go in the barn to escape the flies” 
Ken, St. Johnsbury, VT




“Much better than last year, a noticeable difference!”  
George, Greenfield, MA


In an independent study, BugPellent Fly & Tick Spray repelled more flies than the leading competitor.

BugPellent Natural Insect Repellent
BugPellent Natural Insect Repellent