BugPellent is a natural bug repellent product line that avoids the use of pesticides, solvents, and alcohols in all it’s products. All of our ingredients are disclosed on the product packaging, stating clearly to our customers that we are an honest, all natural company. Best of all, it’s a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution that truly works. Safe for dogs too! Made in the U.S.A.

BugPellent Natural Insect Repellent

Look For The New Attached Bonus Fly Spray Concentrate … A Total of 64oz BugPellent Fly & Tick Spray

The original BugPellent is a natural solid insect repellent with a patented vapor release design.

Hang in a barn or shed as an alternative to whole barn spray systems!

  • Contains 9 Essential Oils and Organic Waxes
  • No Pyrethrins, Pyrethrums, Pyrethroids 
  • Alternative to whole barn spray systems 
  • No sticky strips 
  • No messy bags